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Saluki Tech was created to provide a source for tutorials, blogs and tech related content. We also aim to always provide this to anyone, anywhere for free, for forever. Costs are covered by advertising, donations and Brave rewards.

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Whilst most of the ads we serve will be shown by Google Ads, we also provide the option for advertisers to work with us directly.

We offer a permanent ad banner on an article, for a one time fee. The banner will be served instead of Google Ads in that position.

To place an ad, please contact us at the listed business contact below.

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If you’d like to suggest an article, give feedback or just get in general touch with us, please either direct message or tag @salukicpp on Twitter.

If you would like to contact us about placing an ad, business enquiries or any other communique, please contact this email: seth@salukicorporation.com